Spiderman Games Online

Spiderman Games Online

When Peter Parker was bitten by a spider as a teenager and developed spider like qualities he probably never imagined he would inspire some of the best action games online anymore than he expected his Uncle Ben to be shot. But that's what happened and here we showcase some of the very best Spiderman games online whether you want to swing through New York, battle enemies such as the Octobot, Hydroman or the Scorpion, put your wits against Doctor Octopus, fight the Sandman or slug it out against the treacherous Lizard, we've got Spiderman games to suit all tastes and ages from those who remember his first appearance in 1962 to his more recent adventures in a series of movies some of which some of these games are based on. Enjoy!

Spiderman Games Online: Rescue Mary Jane

Spiderman Rescue Mary Jane Game

In this Spiderman 3 game, Mary Jane has been captured by Vernon. Help Spiderman reach her in time by swinging across the building tops before time runs out. Just make sure you position yourself correctly for the jump!

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Spiderman Games Online: Doc Ock Rampage

Doc Ock Rampage Game

In this Doc Ock game you play the part of the once timid Dr. Otto Octavius who survived a sabotaged experiment that fused four mechanical arms to his body and now is driven by his hatred for those who have tried to hurt him so you are out to destroy the city.

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Spiderman Games Online: Save the Town

Spiderman Ironman Game

In this game where you can chose to play either the Spiderman or Ironman characters and have to save your town from enemies including the Green Goblin. The game is played over ten levels and, as you take down your foes and win trophies, you get the chance to upgrade.

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Spiderman Games Online: Spiderman Vs Sandman

Spiderman Vs Sandman Game

The supervillain Sandman was born as William Baker who grew into a violent and bitter man before coming into contact with irradiated sand that changed his DNA structure. For some reason in this game he undertakes a bike challenge with Spiderman. Don't ask!

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Spiderman Games Online: Epic Battles

Spiderman Fighting Game

This Spiderman fighting game probably isn't quite what you expected. Sure there's plenty of fighting against enemies such as Octobot, one of Doctor Octopus's deadly creations; Scorpion, a former private investigator turned human mutant and Hydroman, but it's not exactly hand to hand combat. Great graphics though!

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Spiderman Games Online: Speed Climb

Spiderman Climbing Game

In this Spiderman climbing game you play the role of our intrepid hero and have to climb to the top of skyscrapers whilst avoiding objects being thrown at him by the human hating Lizard arch-villain.

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Spiderman Games Online: Amazing Spiderman

Amazing Spiderman Game

One of our Amazing Spiderman games that's worth a look although it's shamelessly commercial! Get around the city using your web skills.

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Spiderman Games Online: Spiderman!

Spiderman Game

Let Spiderman and the 'thing' swing towards each other, then at the right moment, hit your space bar and get Spiderman to leap onto the other player. It takes timing and a bit of skill, but when you get the hang of it, it's quite fun!

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Spiderman Games Online: Spiderman Villains

Spiderman Enemies Game

Play this online Spiderman Villains game by taking down your enemies by shooting your webs at them but try and avoid Mary Jane, you're in enough trouble with her as it is.

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Spiderman Games Online: Web of Words

Spiderman Web of Words

Doc Ock throws letters onto a grid and you have to work out the anagram. If you take too long to work it out, he starts throwing rocks at Spiderman. Solve each of the words to help Spiderman climb and complete each level and then confront Doc Ock.

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Spiderman Games Online: Spiderman Similarities

Spiderman Similarities Game

Play this Spiderman game by looking very closely at the two pictures. Hidden within each picture are a number of similar objects, but they're very well hidden. After you find the first, it'll all become more obvious!

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Spiderman Games Online: Spiderman in New York

Spiderman in New York Game

New York has been overcome with evil and you need to clean up the streets. The graphics in this Spiderman in New York game aren't exactly the best, but, despite that, compared with many other Spiderman official online games, its still a good outing.

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Spiderman Games Online: Spiderman Memory Game

Spiderman Memory Game

This Spiderman memory game is quite cool. It uses images from the Spiderman 3 film on turned over cards. You then have to turn over two cards at at time, if they match, they stay turned over. If not they go back face down. Use your memory to get all the cards matched up correctly before the clock runs out.

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