Spiderman Vs Sandman Game

The supervillain Sandman was born as William Baker. Abandoned by his father at an early age, the young William grew into a violent and bitter man before coming into contact with irradiated sand that changed his DNA structure. He then changed his name to Flint Marko to keep his identity a secret and had numerous battles with Spiderman and the Human Torch and other members of the Fantastic Four. Later he reflected on the bad decisions he has made throughout his life and teamed up as an ally of Spiderman. One of those bad decisions was probably to appear in this Spiderman vs Sandman game which is a bit weird given their superpowers but they decide to battle it out on bicycles. As you do. There's quite a cool opening sequence after which you end up on your bike and use your arrow keys for movement with your up arrow moving you forward. After you play this Spiderman Sandman game why not check out and play our other games?

Doc Ock Rampage

Doc Ock Rampage Game

In this Doc Ock game you play the part of the once timid Dr. Otto Octavius who survived a sabotaged experiment that fused four mechanical arms to his body and now is driven by his hatred for those who have tried to hurt him so you are out to destroy the city.

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Rescue Mary Jane

Spiderman Rescue Mary Jane Game

In this Spiderman 3 game, Mary Jane has been captured by Vernon. Help Spiderman reach her in time by swinging across the building tops before time runs out. Just make sure you position yourself correctly for the jump!

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