Hulk Games Online

Hulk Games Online

The Incredible Hulk first appeared in comic form in 1962 and has had various incarnations since that time, most recently appearing in the Avengers movie series. Many years ago mild mannered Bruce Banner was caught in a gamma radiation blast whilst attempting to save young Rick Jones who had accidentally wandered onto a US military testing range. The radiation mutated Banner's DNA so that, during times of anger or emotional distress, he turns into his alter ego the Incredible Hulk, a creation inspired by Frankenstein's monster and the character of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. In this online Incredible Hulk collection you get to play the role of the Hulk in a series of action, adventure and feats of strength smash up games.

Hulk Games Online: Central Smashdown

The Hulk

We like this Hulk Smashdown game as the graphics are good and there's a cool bit of Hulk video footage before you start. If you've played any of our Hulk games, you'll have noticed that they mainly involve smashing things up, and this is no different, so you won't be disappointed.

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Hulk Games Online: Smash Up

Hulk Smash Up Game

Hulk Smash Up is a multi-level flash Hulk game, where you have to scale buildings and smash them up Hulk style. Land sufficient hits and the buildings will collapse before your time runs out and you revert back to being the gently Dr. Bruce Banner.

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Hulk Games Online: Tank Throw

Hulk Action Game

You are the Incredible Hulk (but don't look in your bedroom mirror later as you get ready for bed or you may realise you're not actually the Incredible Hulk) and you have three attempts to throw a tank as far as you can.

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Hulk Games Online: The Incredible Hulk

Incredible Hulk Game

In this Incredible Hulk game you have once again changed from the mild mannered Bruce Banner into the green monster of the Hulk and need to rampage through the city defeating your enemies in pursuit of the villain who is threatening to destroy everything.

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Hulk Games Online: Strength Game

Hulk Strength Game

Exactly how strong is the Incredible Hulk? Perhaps we'll never know but in this Incredible Hulk strength game you have to chop through beams with a single blow.

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Hulk Games Online: Hulk Madness

Hulk Destruction Game

Once again the US military set out to destroy you once and for all by unleashing a range of aircraft at you complete with bombs. It's your job to not only dodge the bombs but destroy the aircraft as well.

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Hulk Games Online: Hulk Escape

Hulk Escape Game

The Incredible Hulk is sought by the US military who want to capture him as they are increasingly alarmed not just by his power but by the waves of destruction he causes when on the rampage. In this game you need to escape from those armed forces.

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Hulk Games Online: Hulk Swing

Hulk Game for Kids

You play the role of the Hulk whose armed with a giant stick to smash everything up, everything that is apart from the ambulances because if you hit them you turn back into Bruce Banner.

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