Incredible Hulk Avengers Game

This is a pretty cool 3D Incredible Hulk Avengers game with chunky graphics that may appeal to younger game players. In this game you have once again changed from the mild manner Bruce Banner into the green monster of the Hulk and need to rampage through the city defeating your enemies in pursuit of the villain who is threatening to destroy everything and guess who that is? Yep, the mischievous Loki who, in the Marvel Avengers films was depicted as the adopted brother and son of Thor and Odin whereas in original Norse mythology, Loki is just the companion of fellow gods Thor and Odin. There's not more to the game except keep an eye on your score and try and avoid obstacles in the streets like road works. This is a large game so may take some time to load and you play with your arrow keys. After you play this online Incredible Hulk Avengers game why not check out and play some of our other Hulk games?

Hulk Smash Up

Hulk Smash Up Game

Hulk Smash Up is a multi-level flash Hulk game, where you have to scale buildings and smash them up Hulk style. Land sufficient hits and the buildings will collapse before your time runs out and you revert back to being the gently Dr. Bruce Banner.

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The Incredible Hulk

The Hulk

In this online Incredible Hulk collection you get to play the role of the Hulk in a series of action, adventure and feats of strength smash up games.

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