Marvel Games Online

Marvel Games Online

Marvel started back in 1939 but didn't form its most recent incarnation until 1961 when it launched its Fantastic Four and other superhero comic books including Iron Man, captain America and the Hulk. All of the characters operate in an alternative Marvel Universe and over the past few years have enjoyed greater success with a string of block-buster movies with many cross-over projects. Here we present some of the very best Marvel games online from adventures with Wolverine, some smashing times with the Hulk and a look at some of the other most popular Marvel characters. All references to Marvel and its characters are the intellectual property of Marvel.

Marvel Games Online: The Incredible Hulk

The Hulk

In this online Incredible Hulk collection you get to play the role of the Hulk in a series of action, adventure and feats of strength smash up games.

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Marvel Games Online: Iron Man

Iron Man Games Online

Iron Man was a relatively insignificant superhero in Marvel's armoury until the first Iron Man movie in 2008. Now its time to put on the exoskeleton suit as you roleplay Tony Stark taking on your enemies including the Mandarin and Loki in a series of cool Iron Man games.

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Marvel Games Online: Wolverine

Wolverine Games Online

There are many Wolverine games online and here we showcase the very best of them from action and adventure Wolverine games, to fighting games and other games based on the X-men and Wolverine movies.

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Marvel Games Online: Captain America

Captain America Games Online

Grab your shield and go into battle as Captain America, and meet out justice Avenger style although our best Captain America games didn't survive the fall of Flash.

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Marvel Games Online: Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four Games Online

The Fantastic Four have proved durable with hundreds of comics, cartoons and even movies. Here we have a small selection of Fantastic Four games but the Rise of the Silver Surfer has to be one of our very best superhero games online.

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Marvel Games Online: X-Men Personality Test

X-Men Personality Test

How you ever wondered what X-Men character you would be if you had the mutant gene? No, okay, then hit the back button but if yes you can now find out with our online X-men personality test.

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Marvel Games Online: Wonder Woman Game

Wonder Woman Game

A founding member of the Justice League (so sorry, not actually a Marvel game), Wonder Woman wears Bracelets of Submission, made magically by Aphrodite, which are able to absorb the impact of incoming attacks and that's the premise of this Wonder Woman game.

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Superman Games
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Marvel Games
Marvel Games Online

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