Spiderman Epic Battles Game

This Spiderman fighting game, Epic Battles, probably isn't quite what you expected. Sure there's plenty of fighting against enemies such as Octobot, one of Doctor Octopus's deadly creations; Scorpion, a former private investigator turned human mutant and Hydroman who gained his super powers after being cast overboard from the USS Bulldog whilst a experimental generator was being test run, but it's not exactly hand to hand combat. No sir, it's more of a memory game where you have to remember a sequence and duplicate it in order to start fighting and decrease the powers of your enemies. The graphics are good and its quite addictive as well and can get horribly complicated. Good luck superhero! After you play this Spiderman fighting game why not checkout and play our other online Spiderman games?

Doc Ock Rampage

Doc Ock Rampage Game

In this Doc Ock game you play the part of the once timid Dr. Otto Octavius who survived a sabotaged experiment that fused four mechanical arms to his body and now is driven by his hatred for those who have tried to hurt him so you are out to destroy the city.

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Speed Climb

Spiderman Climbing Game

In this Spiderman climbing game you play the role of our intrepid hero and have to climb to the top of skyscrapers whilst avoiding objects being thrown at him by the human hating Lizard arch-villain.

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