Spiderman! Game

We've got a number of Spiderman games here at superhero-games.online one or two pretty good like Spiderman Rescue Mary Jane, and some bad. Very bad. This Spiderman game is one of those that should be in the bad category, but after you get over the puny graphics and everything else, actually becomes quite addictive! Forget the instructions and just remember to use your spacebar! Let Spiderman and the 'thing' swing towards each other, then at the right moment, hit your space bar and get Spiderman to leap onto the other player. Continue to do this. It takes timing and a bit of skill, but when you get the hang of it, it's quite fun. Oh, and when Spiderman fails to grab, he doesn't use his special web, he just falls and lets out a grunting noise. We like that. After you play this Spiderman game, why not check out and play our other free online Spiderman games, most have better graphics than this one, our favourite being Spiderman Rescue Mary Jane.

Doc Ock Rampage

Doc Ock Rampage Game

In this Doc Ock game you play the part of the once timid Dr. Otto Octavius who survived a sabotaged experiment that fused four mechanical arms to his body and now is driven by his hatred for those who have tried to hurt him so you are out to destroy the city.

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Rescue Mary Jane

Spiderman Rescue Mary Jane Game

In this Spiderman 3 game, Mary Jane has been captured by Vernon. Help Spiderman reach her in time by swinging across the building tops before time runs out. Just make sure you position yourself correctly for the jump!

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