Spiderman Similarities Game

When you play this Spiderman game, you'll probably be expecting to play one of those spot the difference games. Well, this game is the exact opposite, instead of spotting the differences you have to try and spot the similarities. And, until you get the hang of it, it's rock hard! Play this Spiderman game by looking very closely at the two pictures. Hidden within each picture are a number of similar objects, but they're very well hidden. After you find the first, it'll all become more obvious what to look for! After you play this Spiderman game, why not check out and play our other free online Spiderman games, we've a couple of other Spiderman puzzle games below.

Web of Words

Spiderman Web of Words

Doc Ock throws letters onto a grid and you have to work out the anagram. If you take too long to work it out, he starts throwing rocks at Spiderman. Solve each of the words to help Spiderman climb and complete each level and then confront Doc Ock.

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Spiderman: Epic Battles

Spiderman Fighting Game

This Spiderman fighting game probably isn't quite what you expected. Sure there's plenty of fighting against enemies such as Octobot, one of Doctor Octopus's deadly creations; Scorpion, a former private investigator turned human mutant and Hydroman, but it's not exactly hand to hand combat. Great graphics though!

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