Iron Man Mandarin Game

The Mandarin was a direct descent of Genghis Khan on his father's side and of English nobility on his mother's. After their death when he was still young he was raised by an embittered aunt who taught him the same values of anger and resentment at the world. As a youth he discovered a crashed spaceship in a forbidden valley and used 10 rings found in the wreckage to give him un-earthly powers which he used to wreak vengeance on mankind. Then he met Iron Man and they didn't exactly hit it off, indeed the Mandarin went so far as to kidnap Iron Man and some believe has some degree of mind control over him. Now, given his flying outfit, you would think that Iron Man would blast off to find and capture the Mandarin from the air. But no, he goes by bike. As you do. After you play this Mandarin game why not check out and play our other online Iron Man games?

Battle City

Iron man Flying Game

This is a fairly straight forward Iron Man game where he dons his suit and goes flying above the New York landscape in a battle to gain control of the city. He's up against some fierce some enemies with overwhelming fire power so its not going to be easy!

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Iron Man was a relatively insignificant superhero in Marvel's armoury until the first Iron Man movie in 2008. Now its time to put on the exoskeleton suit as you roleplay Tony Stark taking on your enemies including the Mandarin and Loki in a series of cool Iron Man games.

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