Wolverine Game for Kids

Born James Howlett but now known as Logan after accidentally killing his girlfriend and going to ground, he was later frozen and wokeg up in the present day shortly before joining the X-Men. Wolverine has, during his 200 year lifespan, many enemies and has been in many dangerous situations, fighting Magneto, the Sentinels, Cyclops, Wen-Di-Go, Ogun and Viper amongst many others. However none are so fearful (oh and that's a lie) as being caught in, wait for it, a scrapyard with pieces of falling cars hurtling towards him at the speed of a leaf falling off a tree during a quiet Autumn evening. But there you go. After you play this Wolverine game for kids why not check out and play our other Wolverine games?

Wolverine: The Last Stand

Online Wolverine Game

As Wolverine, battle the Cyclops in this action fighting game based on the X-Men movie The Last Stand that was released in 2006 and was the third of the X-Men films.

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Wolverine Games Online

There are many Wolverine games online and here we showcase the very best of them from action and adventure Wolverine games, to fighting games and other games based on the X-men and Wolverine movies.

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