Superman Returns Save Metropolis Game

The Superman Returns movie was released in 2006 and focusses on Superman's return to Earth after a five year absence to discover his former flame has moved on, he has a son, and Lex Luthor is up to his normal tricks. Naturally this game ignores all of that, instead placing Superman in a situation where loose debris is falling from the Daily Planet building and you have to use your powers to save those on the streets below. Of course, it would be a bit simpler to just put up a Health and Safety notice, clear the shoppers out of the way, and wait for the dust to settle, but then it wouldn't be much of a Superman game would it? Anyhow, to play this Superman Returns game use your arrow keys to move left and right smashing as much debris as you go, but watch out for the Kryptonite. Once you've caught the debris, start tapping your up arrow key to slow Superman down and safely dispose of the debris. But be quick, the ground is fast approaching. After you play this game, why not check out and play our other Superman online games?

Stop Press!

Superman Stop Press!

In this Superman game you play the role of Jimmy Olsen, the Daily Planet's star photographer. Your mission is to get some good pictures of Superman for tomorrow's edition.

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Supervan Vs Lex Luthor

Superman Vs Lex Luthor

In this online Superman video game for kids it's Superman versus kryptonite! The evil, but genius criminal mastermind Lex Luthor has lured Superman into space and has launched a volley of kryptonite against him and you need to fly through the field of kryptonite in order to beat Luthor.

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