Wolverine Last Stand Game

This online Wolverine action game is based on the X-Men movie, The Last Stand. Released in 2006 and the third of the X-Men films, it centres around the discovery of a so-called "cure" that can return the mutants to their "normal" form should they choose to take it. Magneto, however, fears the cure believing it will lead to their extinction of the mutant race as he sees it and raises and army including robot Cyclops to destroy those who oppose him. That's the background to this online Wolverine game in which you have to battle the Cyclops using your left and right arrow keys for movement, you up arrow key to jump and your down arrow key to duck. Use your "x" key to kick and your "z" key to activate those deadly Wolverine claws. After you play this Wolverine Last Stand game why not check out and play our other online Wolverine games?

Wolverine: Release the Fury

Wolverine Release the Fury Game

In this Wolverine game as you take on bad boy Ninja's who are attacking you in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. It's not fully functional however the fighting scenes work as does the scoreboard.

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