Fantastic Four Dress Up Game

This Fantastic Four dress up game provides kids with the opportunity to do just that ~ dress up their favourite character from the Fantastic Four. In the comics and movies the Fantastic Four wear costumes made from "unstable molecules" with the clothes tuning into their super powers meaning that The Human Torch doesn't burn his outfit, the Invisible Woman's outfit also become invisible and Mr Fantastic's outfit stretches when he does. Pretty useful that or it would have caused a few plot problems with some arrests for exposure and nobody likes to see a member of the Fantastic Four in court and/or prison (except for Doctor Doom perhaps.) Besides, it would be hard to keep them captive. Anyway, after you've played this Fantastic Four dress up game why not check out and play some of our other Fantastic Four games? We don't have many left after the downfall of Flash, but our Silver Surfer game is always worth a look!

Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer Game

The Fantastic 4 are in their lab and discover that a strange anomaly has somehow caused damaging weather irregularities. Now the Fantastic 4 must race to the roof and take a closer look at the sky. You can choose to be either The Human Torch, The Thing, the Invisible Woman or Mr Fantastic when you battle the anomalies.

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Fantastic Four Games Online

The Fantastic Four have proved durable with hundreds of comics, cartoons and even movies. Here we have a small selection of Fantastic Four games but the Rise of the Silver Surfer has to be one of our very best superhero games online.

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