Batman Brawl Game

Okay, this Batman fighting game isn't exactly in the same league as Batman Vs Superman, although the game will last longer as one punch from Superman would sheer Batman's head off sending it some distance from his limp and twitching body. Instead you take on a range of enemies in partnership with the Green Arrow, a former billionaire and sometime ally of Batman in the Justice League of America. (On a point of trivia, the Green Arrow also had a sidekick just like Robin. His sidekick was called "Speedy" but they parted citing "irreconcilable differences" - can't guess why!) Anyhow, not only do you have the Green Arrow to call upon, the Green Lantern and Wildcat are also in your corner to offer advice as you start fighting some of the greatest villains in the known universe. To play this Batman fighting game use your "z" key to jab; your "x" key for an upper cut; your "c" key for a body blow; "your "n" key for a block up, your "m" key for a block down, and use your left and right arrow keys for movement. Good luck, Caped Crusader, Gotham is rooting for you and Robin's at home waiting for you with the kettle on. After you play this Batman fighting game why not check out and play our other Batman games?

Batman Dark Knight

Batman Dark Knight Game

In this Batman Dark Knight game, the Joker menaces to blow up Gotham City's power plant and plunge the city into darkness once again. Help batman defuse all of the Joker's bombs.

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Batman Revolutions

Batman Revolutions game

In this cool Batman Revolutions game unknown aliens have launched a surprise attack and the home of Batman, Gotham City, has been badly damaged. Help Batman through waves of alien drones and destroy the alien boss.

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