Invisible Woman Game

When Sue Storm decided to go on Reed Richards' experimental star ship project she had no reason to believe that she would be subjected to powerful cosmic rays which would give her the ability to become invisible. Well, you wouldn't would you? But, as we all know, she did and the rest has become fictional history. She soon found that her new powers actually didn't do much except make shop lifting much easier, so her writers agreed that they would also allow her to create and manipulate invisible force fields making her a stronger and more effective part of the Fantastic Four. Here are two puzzle games based on the Invisible Woman. After you've played them, why not check out our other Fantastic Four games? We don't have many left after the downfall of Flash, but our Silver Surfer game is always worth a look!

Fantastic Four: Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer Game

The Fantastic 4 are in their lab and discover that a strange anomaly has somehow caused damaging weather irregularities. Now the Fantastic 4 must race to the roof and take a closer look at the sky. You can choose to be either The Human Torch, The Thing, the Invisible Woman or Mr Fantastic when you battle the anomalies.

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Fantastic Four Games Online

The Fantastic Four have proved durable with hundreds of comics, cartoons and even movies. Here we have a small selection of Fantastic Four games but the Rise of the Silver Surfer has to be one of our very best superhero games online.

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