Batman Night Sky Defender Game

Unlike many of Batman's other foes, the Penguin isn't insane; he just has issues after being teased at school for his short, fat stature and from time to time he even collaborates with Batman being allowed to keep his freedom in exchange for parting information from the criminal underworld. As such, we couldn't have a Batman games collection without the Penguin, so here it is, Batman Night Sky Defender. It's an easy game to play, just help Batman move around the sky using your arrow keys. Collect power ups and other useful items, but remember to avoid the Penguin, other obstacles and the freezing cloud. Good luck, Caped Crusader! Alongside this Batman and Penguin game, we also have other free Batman games online, check them out!

Batman Ice Age

Batman Ice Age Game

In this Batman Ice Age game, winter has come early in Gotham City. It's barely October but the streets are already buried under many layers of snow bringing the entire Gotham city to a frozen halt. You, as Batman, need to find out what is happening.

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Batman Revolutions

Batman Revolutions game

In this cool Batman Revolutions game unknown aliens have launched a surprise attack and the home of Batman, Gotham City, has been badly damaged. Help Batman through waves of alien drones and destroy the alien boss.

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